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Because of discomfort, poor milk production, and other issues, only about 13% of mothers breastfeed exclusively for their baby’s first six months of life. If you’re having difficulty nursing or need education to help you successfully breastfeed, the compassionate team at Pali Women’s Health Center offer personalized lactation consultations. With clinic locations in Kailua, Laie, and Kapolei, Hawaii, you have an office nearby to receive the lactation support you need. Book your appointment online or over the phone with your nearest clinic.

Lactation Consultations Q & A

Why do I need a lactation consultation?

Mothers-to-be are always encouraged to start prenatal breastfeeding classes while pregnant, so that they can gain the education and skills they need to nurse once their little one arrives. Lactation consultations are important after birth, too, even if you’re experienced or your baby seems to breastfeed without a hitch.

You should consider lactation consultations to learn how to:

  • Determine if your baby is getting enough milk
  • Keep your breasts and nipples healthy
  • Maintain a healthy milk supply
  • Pump and store breast milk
  • Prevent complications 
  • Introduce solid foods

Your dedicated lactation consultant can even counsel you on the steps you need to make to continue to breastfeed and pump as you return to work or school. 

What happens during a lactation consultation?

With a board-certified lactation consultant available at Pali Women’s Health Center, you can feel confident that you’re in compassionate and capable hands. During your lactation consultation, your provider may:

  • Watch you nurse 
  • Teach you how to pump
  • Examine your breasts and nipples 
  • Observe your baby’s behavior and cues
  • Help you adjust your breastfeeding position  
  • Ensure your baby is properly latching, sucking, and swallowing

Your lactation consultation at Pali Women’s Health Center is your one-on-one time with a dedicated professional who understands the challenges nursing mothers face. It’s their job to ensure you receive the education and encouragement you need to breastfeed and care for your little one.

How do I prepare for a lactation consultation?

Whether you have a little one on the way or have recently experienced the miracle of childbirth, Pali Women’s Health Center providers are available to help you with your lactation needs. To help you prepare for your lactation consultation, it can be helpful to:

  • Learn your baby’s feeding cues
  • Write down all of your questions or concerns
  • Know about how much milk you produce and how often

If you already have a breast pump and need to learn how to use it, you can bring it to your lactation consultation with you. The caring team at Pali Women’s Health Center is dedicated to ensuring you receive the lactation support you need, for as long as you need it.

Learn more about lactation services offered at Pali Women’s Health Center by booking a consultation today. You can conveniently schedule a visit either online or over the phone.