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The team of Board Certified doctors at Pali Women’s Health Center in Kailua and Kapolei, Hawaii, are honored and privileged to help women bring new life into the world every day. Maternal care begins the day pregnancy planning starts or the day the positive test is confirmed, but it doesn’t end the day the baby is born. The compassionate providers at Pali Women’s Health Center care for the whole patient long after she becomes a mother. Call or book an appointment online today.

Pregnancy Q & A

How soon should pregnant women begin prenatal care?

Pali Women's Health Center recommends that patients come in for confirmation of pregnancy at 6-8 weeks from their last menstrual period date. Most pregnant women begin prenatal care at 10-12 weeks gestation. However, women who are unsure of gestational age, women who are at high risk of complications, or women who have signs and symptoms of complications may need to begin prenatal care earlier. Patients should reach out to their obstetrician early to plan the right time for their first prenatal appointment.

Are birth plans honored at Pali Women’s Health Center?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” The team of all female doctors at PWHC will be with you every step of the way to support whatever childbirth plan you choose. If you wish to deliver your baby naturally, we will provide the medical resources necessary to ensure a safe delivery.

Which hospital does Pali Women’s Health Center work with?

Pali Women’s Health Center partners with the Vera Zilber Birth Center at Castle Medical Center. Birthing suites at the Castle include relaxing Jacuzzi tubs and calming views of the Ko‘olau Range. Patients are encouraged to tour the facility in advance.

Are home births supported?

Because home births aren’t recommended by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, they are not supported by the staff at Pali Women’s Health Center. It’s always safest to deliver in a qualified medical facility to ensure that emergency assistance is available in the case of unplanned complications. Pali Women’s Health Center will not accept patients planning a home birth as it puts the mother and baby at risk and compromises the professional standards of the facility and its staff.

Does Pali Women’s Health Center offer any classes for pregnant women?

Yes, Lamaze classes are hosted by the Vera Zilber Birth Center at Adventist Health Castle Medical Center  on Friday nights, with the following topics covered:

  • Stages and phases of labor
  • Pain in labor - real ways to manage and cope
  • Labor support
  • Movement and positioning in birth
  • Cesarean birth
  • Medical procedures
  • Positive communication with your healthcare provider
  • Developing a birth plan
  • First hour of baby’s life
  • Your body after the birth
  • Breastfeeding and newborn care

Classes are taught by Nicia Platt, LCCE (Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator). A military spouse, birth educator, and author of numerous childbirth articles in Hawaii Parent magazine, Platt is excited to teach couples the good news about childbirth in a positive, relaxing environment.

To register please call the Adventist Health Castle's Birth Center at 808-263-5270. 

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