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The doctors at Pali MediSpa in Kailua, Hawaii, have extensive experience performing the Smartlipo® procedure to remove stubborn and unwanted fat and create a smooth and contoured shape. Smartlipo, often called laser liposuction, is an innovative body-sculpting procedure.

Smartlipo Q & A

How does Smartlipo work?

During the Smartlipo procedure, a very small laser fiber is inserted through a tiny incision in the treatment area. The doctor positions the laser to target fat deposits under the skin and applies thermal energy. The fat melts and is removed through gentle suction. The incision site is so small that any scarring that occurs is generally not noticeable.

Who is a good candidate for Smartlipo?

Smartlipo is not an effective treatment for obesity. Instead, patients who are healthy or slightly overweight and have targeted fat deposits in problem areas (neck, abdomen, flanks, upper arms, etc.) make the best candidates for the Smartlipo procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

The experienced doctors and Pali MediSpa apply local anesthesia to numb the treatment area before the procedure so it’s not painful. Patients generally feel gentle movement and pressure during the treatment but it isn’t accompanied by pain. Afterward, mild achiness or soreness is common.

How long can patients expect their Smartlipo results to last?

The fat cells targeted by Smartlipo are permanent destroyed. However, new fat can deposit if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained. Patients who wish to maintain their results long-term should be cognizant of their diet and exercise habits.

How long can patients expect to be off of work?

There are no restrictions following Smartlipo. Some patients take a couple days off due to soreness or anticipation of soreness, but there are no risks associated with returning to work the next day.

How many treatments are required before results are seen?

The majority of patients see marked results in the weeks following their first and only treatment, as long as they maintain a healthy lifestyle. In some cases, patients decide they want Smartlipo to target other areas of the body or an additional procedure following new weight gain.

What can patients expect on the day of the procedure?

Smartlipo procedures are performed in an outpatient setting, which means no overnight stay is required. The patient arrives for their appointment, dresses in a surgical gown, and prepares for the procedure. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and awake sedation so the patient is usually very comfortable although there may be some brief episodes of more discomfort. The whole procedure takes 2-5 hours depending on the number of areas. Following the treatment, the patient dresses and can go home and return to regular activities.



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