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Almost every woman in the world can identify with those considering stretch mark removal. These striations may result from weight gain, rapid growth during adolescence, illnesses like Cushing’s disease, or pregnancy. The medical experts at Pali MediSpa in Kailua, Hawaii offer laser treatment for stretch mark removal.

Stretch Mark Reduction Q & A

What are stretch marks and what causes them?

Stretch marks are essentially a form of scarring resulting from rapid weight loss or gain, muscle building, growth spurts, or pregnancy. Events like these cause the skin to rapidly stretch and move apart, resulting in lines of thin scar tissue. Stretch marks either feel flat, indented, or raised, and the color of stretch marks varies from person to person, generally fading over time.

Stretch marks are harmless and will not cause any problems in left untreated. Women generally seek treatment for cosmetic purposes — to improve appearance or self-image.

Will stretch marks go away without treatment?

No. The blue, purple, or red color of stretch marks fade over time but the scar will never go away without medical intervention. When stretch marks fade, they often develop a shiny, silver hue, which stands out as much as or more than dark-colored stretch marks.

How are stretch marks treated at Pali MediSpa?

Pali MediSpa uses a fractional laser to target and restore skin damaged by stretch marks.

Is the treatment painful?

Like most effective laser treatments, stretch mark removal can be described as a mild-to-moderately uncomfortable or, for some patients, mildly painful sensation. Some soreness results and lasts up to a week following the procedure.

What can patients expect after the treatment?

Following the treatment, the area targeted will be slightly swollen and red. One week after treatment, the redness and swelling resolve and the results of the treatment are visible. Generally several treatments will be necessary to get the best results.

Who is eligible for fractional laser stretch mark removal?

Generally speaking, patients who are 18 years old or older, who have stretch marks, and have a light or lighter complexion are eligible. As of today, there is no laser stretch mark removal procedure available for patients with darker skin. Patients who are unsure where they fall on the spectrum should visit with their healthcare provider, who can determine their eligibility and assist them in finding an effective regimen if they aren’t.

How long do the results last?

The results of laser stretch mark treatment are permanent. However, new changes like weight gain or pregnancy can result in the development of new stretch marks.

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